Quaker Bridge Mall | Skylight Replacement

  • 3320 US Hwy 1
  • Lawrence,
  • NJ
  • 08648

Mall Skylight Replacement

Quaker Bridge Mall 24602-134231596Quaker Bridge Mall is in Lawrence Township, New Jersey located just a few minutes south of Princeton University. The mall was originally built in 1975 and underwent a large renovation in 2012 with improvements to the interior of the mall.

Skylight Specialists, Inc. will be the General Contractor on the entire project and work is projected to begin in the summer of 2019.

Center court skylight.

The mall has several large skylights with the biggest of them all spanning over the heart of Center Court at 102 feet x 70 feet. This octagon skylight consists of 4 single sloped translucent polycarbonate sides that rise up to meet 15 barrel vault skylights that cover 30 feet by 60 feet.

Our recommendation

A site visit was conducted in May 2017 by Danny Packard to assess the skylights issues. Our recommendations were made to mall owners for Skylight Specialists, Inc. to provide and install a new skylight design that will replace the barrel vaults with the BMS 3000 system—a tinted glass structural ridge skylight manufactured by Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope . This will feature updated gutters, high performance insulated glass and correct all issues with leaks.

Additionally, we will replace all of the single sloped polycarbonate panels with new CPI Polycarbonate Quadwall panels.

Skylight Inspection | Monterey Bay Seaside

  • 1441 Canyon Del Rey Blvd
  • Monterey,
  • CA
  • 93955

Skylight Inspection and Certification on Glass Ridge Skylight – Embassy Suites by Hilton.


An onsite skylight survey and inspection was made on 04/04/2018 by Skylight Specialists, Inc.
Represented by Rob Packard.

Skylights on the site:

Skylight Manufacturer: Unknown 
One 32’ x 125’ (nominal) glass, ridge, structural, original skylight.

What We Found:

Glazing: Glass, tempered over laminate, green tint, dual glazed, fall protected
Structure: Adequate spacing and size structural aluminum frame
Anchors: Adequate anchor size and count around perimeter.
Curbs: Adequate height and flashing in good shape.
Evaluation: Skylight has new sealants applied in recent years, however about 15% of the insulated units have failed.
Flashing: Ridge flashing and possibly end wall flashing not secured properly.
Rating: (1-10 scale) 5
Expected Life Span: 25-50 years
Recommendation: Glazing will need replacement to achieve expected life span. Otherwise the glass ridge skylight is in good shape and can be expected to provide many years of maintenance free daylighting.

Evaluation of All Skylights

Our Observations:

Our onsite examination of this skylight provided information that was verbally reported to the Chief Engineer on the day of our visit. It was reported that a wet seal and cap replacements on the glass ridge had been performed in 2016. We observed that the front two bays on the west side and the front three bays on the east side had not received the reported repairs. The other sections were completed and looked in good shape.

It was also observed that about 15% of the glass units had lost their seal and were failed with visible signs of moisture and mineral deposits in between the glass unit. Any reported leaks in the future may be coming from these failed units and successful leak repairs cannot be performed without the replacement of the unsightly glass.

Five Year Plan

Priority #1 – Immediate (must be done; leaks, life safety etc.)Embassy Suites Monterey Bay Seaside California Seaside California Califo
a. None
Priority #2 – Short Term (should be done within the next year or two)
a. Replace glass
b. Inspect every 5 years for structural integrity.
Priority #3 – Long term (within 5 years or more)
a. Perform wet seal maintenance on glass ridge skylight every 15 years, next would be due in 2031


Inspection/Certification Nationwide —
It all starts with a simple phone call.

Pyramid Skylights Glass Replacement | Denver Water Moffat Plant

Glass Pyramid Skylights Receive Much Needed Replacement Glass 

Ten glass pyramid skylights atop Denver Water’s Moffat Treatment Plant date back to the opening of the facility in 1937.  During the Great Depression, the construction of the entire north collection employed over 1,200 men.  Located in Lakewood, it is Denver Water’s oldest. 

Mayor Benjamin Stapleton at the plants grand opening in 1937

What Is Interesting About This Project? 

What’s interesting about this project is the fact that these glass pyramid skylights are over an area of the treatment plant where the filter beds are located. In order to reduce the amount of direct sunlight into the filter beds which contributes to algae, the treatment plant personnel painted the glass on the pyramids with black paint.  The new glass panes that will be installed by our crew will also be painted black.

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Skylight Specialists, Inc. to the Rescue! 

We start things off with sending our commercial foreman out for a site measurement verification. These glass pyramid skylights have several different shapes and sizes of glass. We strive to be 100% accurate before ordering the glass to get ready for installation. 

Our glass order from Oldcastle BE arrives without incident. Watching our pros off-load the 188 units of glass into the warehouse only caused me to have a mild bout of anxiety. 

biting nailsTherefore, the next time I will stay in the office and not torture myself by watching!


Glass Pyramid Skylights Are Complete

Work begins with installing a protective tarp underneath the glass pyramid skylights to ensure debris protection. Finally, the new glass panes are installed on each skylight and they all fit like a glove. The team at Denver Water will follow behind us and paint the new panes with black paint.  Why cover the glass with paint again and not remove the skylights altogether you ask? 

Because when the North System Renewal Project is completed in 2023, the Moffat treatment plant will be repurposed into a distribution site. And in return, the new treatment plant will feature updated technology and systems.  

Products Used: 

1/4″ Clear Heat Strengthened Laminate 


Repairing Retractable Barrel Vault | Gatlinburg, TN

Repairing Retractable Skylights In Tennessee.

Gears, Motors And Bears, Oh My! 

Over in the Great Smoky Mountains of Gatlinburg, Tennessee is the lovely Glenstone Lodge. A gorgeous indoor pool boasts two levels and cascading waterfalls. The overhead barrel vault skylights are retractable to allow beautiful daylight and fresh air in as well.  Repairing retractable commercial skylights is something that we have done several times. We always enjoy a new challenge. 

glenstone lodge

It All Starts With A Consultation

In November of 2016, Rob Packard agreed to arrange a site visit for the Glenstone Lodge.  He was able to investigate the retractable barrel vault skylights to determine the overall age and deterioration of the motors and gears. https://commercialskylightrepair.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/repairing retractable 23927 1.jpg

Rob has always had a passion for things mechanical and has worked on several other similar retractable skylights with failing systems. Often parts are too old and can be difficult to find. In this case we were able to locate the proper vent drive system.  

The Nuts And Bolts 

In order for the retractable skylights to start opening and closing again we will install a new vent control system. One skylight will be the master and the other skylight will be the follower.  Consequently, this will allow both motors to operate at the same time. The new system will have built-in limit switches that are adjustable. The switch relays to the motor when to stop upon completion of the open or close function. We will adapt the new motors to the old chain drive system, which will be repaired, and wire them with the new controllers. To eliminate the squeaks and squeals that it currently has the wheels that the skylights roll on will be replaced.  https://commercialskylightrepair.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/repairing retractable 23927 8.jpg


Gearing Up For Departure To Gatlinburg!

(Last Pun, I Promise.)

Over the summer in 2018 we will look to have these skylights back in working order. Finally, we cannot promise we will not enjoy the beautiful Smoky Mountains. However, we can promise we will have a successful repair for the folks at Glenstone Lodge. 

https://commercialskylightrepair.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/repairing retractable 23927 2.jpg

Other Notable Retractable Or Venting Skylight Repair Work: Sushi Restaurant Has Unique Skylight and Venting Glass System in Monterrey, California


Downtown Denver Commercial Skylights Cover Historic Skylights

Historic Skylights Get a Facelift

Ridge skylights in downtown Denver were in need of new glazing. The skylights at DISH Grand Central building have two similar skylights that were built to cover the original, historic glass skylights from 1851, which is an unusual design.

We remove the old polycarbonate panels and replace them with new Lexan white polycarbonate panels and new MAGS Bar System. While we have the old panels removed, the crew is able to get inside the skylight and clean the glass on the original historic skylights. Combined with clean glass on the old system, and new white panels on the new system, the staff working in the building below now have the benefits of beautiful daylighting in their work space.

Once the crew removes the old panels you can see that the newer skylight was built to protect the Historic skylight and mitigate issues that the Historic skylight was having. Historical buildings have limitations on structures being removed or changed in any way that takes away from the Historic designation. 

In order to preserve a Historic skylight there are options, like the decision to cover it, as in this case.  If restoration of the original skylight is the goal we can retrofit or repair to meet Historic designations.   

Inside there are two workspaces where the skylights bring in daylight. One is over a conference room, and the other over open desk space. 

In the before and after photos, the difference is drastic. Instead of dark and dirty skylights, the staff can now enjoy diffused, natural daylighting.  

“I do  not think it could have gone any better. Jonathan was great and kept us informed . Cleaned up and  worked well with all the alley issues in getting material up and trash down.I have heard nothing but good things out of Dish. Would highly recommend your company to anyone. Again Thanks for all your efforts on making  this a successful  project for everyone involved!” – Bobby Christian, President – Christian and Associates. 

VELUX VMS Ridgelight | Greenwood Village

  • 6061 S Willow Dr
  • Greenwood Village,
  • CO
  • 80112

Velux Modular System (VMS) Ridgelights Will Replace Acrylic Barrel Valults.

Velux VMS modular glass skylights will replace the old barrel vault skylights on the new headquarters for AAA of Colorado.  

We Will:

Retrofit barrel vault skylights with Velux VMS modular glass skylights. The new space under these skylights will be the headquarters for a nationally known company, AAA of Colorado. Their request was to have a better skylight than a cheap barrel vault, but one that didn’t look too industrialized or institutional look to it. The obvious choice was the Velux Ridgelight.

The Modular System Represents a Significant Upgrade.

The system withstands weather extremes and is easy to install, therefore it lowers costs. And because it has one of the lowest overall U-values for frame and glazing assembly on the market, it will continue to save money.

Product Used:

  • Four VELUX HFC Ridgelight skylight systems.
  • Sixteen fixed modules size 35.4″ x 55.1″ per skylight.
  • Low E³ glass.

In Process:


MAGS BAR | Rhode Island Residence

  • Narragansett,
  • RI
  • 02882

MAGS BAR retrofit in a custom color.

We were contacted by a contractor in the Narragansett, RI area where they had a residential customer that had experienced long-term leaks from the custom glazing in the bathroom.

The skylight was in such bad shape that they removed and temporarily covered the opening to avoid any more damage to the interior. After discussing their options with us they were able to re-frame—replacing all the rotten lumber and insulation.

The owner also preferred a lighter color look to the exterior of the skylight which is easily solved by having the exterior beauty or snap caps custom matched to the paint on their home.

What We Are Doing:

  • Remove the temporary cover and install MAGS BAR.
  • Tie MAGS BAR into the roofing and siding utilizing copper flashing.
  • Install contractor supplied glass.

Product Used:

  • MAGS BAR custom glazing system by Skylight Specialists, Inc.
  • Custom color snap cap—Platinum Gray by Benjamin Moore.
  • Zinc coated copper flashing.
  • Low E³ glass.


  • The contractor waited for a major storm before providing feedback. He couldn’t have been happier, especially with no leaks and the custom color, which the homeowners were delighted with.

MAGS BAR Pyramid Retrofit | Golden

  • 1707 Cole Blvd
  • Golden,
  • CO
  • 80401


The Cole Center

The Cole Center is a modern office complex composed of three buildings in the Denver West neighborhood in Golden, Co . Each building is topped with a large glass, pyramid skylight. 

Recent hail storms damaged the beauty caps and flashing.

MAGS BAR Retrofit:

  • Remove and replace all hail damaged metal including beauty caps.

Product Used:

  • MAGS BAR custom glazing system by Skylight Specialists, Inc.


Skylight Retrofit | Hilton Brentwood/Nashville

  • 9000 Overlook Blvd
  • Brentwood,
  • TN
  • 37027


Brentwood, TN Hilton Opts for a MAGS BAR Retrofit.

An onsite skylight survey and inspection made on 8/25/2016 revealed multiple problems.


Both the inboard and outboard lights have crazing, cracking and all skylights show signs of condensation. Additionally, the skylights are not fall protected.

Numerous attempted repairs have been made to the skylights, by others, although none have been effective.  The “repairs”  consist of dumping on tar or mastic and using the wrong sealants. We even see roofing tape (with large holes in it caused by animals) and rubber backer rod to ineffectively help with gutters and other problems.

Skylights on the Site to be Replaced with MAGS BAR :

  • (2) 19’ x 19’ (nominal) structural, acrylic, pyramid skylights. These are in a saw tooth pattern and in a cluster. These skylights are located over the hotel atrium.
  • (2) 10’ by 10’ (nominal) structural, acrylic, pyramid skylights. These skylights are located over the pool. 

The Retrofit:

All four skylights will be replaced with our MAGS BAR system with polycarbonate dome sets. The work eliminates any gutters and re-flashes the exterior of the curb to the new roofing. These changes  will make the skylight leakproof now and long into the future. 

With the interior protected and safety zones set up, the demolition of the old skylights proceeds. The flashing and framework installation is the next step.

Then the glazing is installed and a final cleanup finishes the job.

the crew 23767-185531866
The crew.

Failed Fiberglass Retrofit | City of Loveland

  • 200 N Wilson Ave
  • Loveland,
  • CO
  • 80537


Extreme fiber blooming creates need for new Quadwall polycarbonate retrofit.

This building is part of the City of Loveland Water and Power facility. The building’s skylight has degraded to the point that replacement is the only option. While there is some yellowing, the major problem is fiber blooming.

Fiberglass skylights are protected from the elements by a coating sometimes referred to as “gel coat”. The coating has a UV blockage component to help prevent the sun’s rays from damaging the fiberglass and causing fiber bloom. The gel coat is subject to  degradation, and as it does so, the glass fibers come to the surface and “bloom”.

What We Will Do:

Replace the existing Major Industries fiberglass skylight with a CPI Daylighting polycarbonate skylight.

Product Used:

  • CPI 4″ Quadwall Single Slope Skylight.
  • 11.92′ odc x 270.00′.


  • Awaiting completion of the job.


  • Correct the daylighting and solar heat levels required for the space.
  • Reduce dependence on electric lighting—increase energy savings.
  • The owners love the energy savings provided by the new skylights.
  • Increase the facility’s property value.
  • Healthy, natural daylight in the space with soft translucent light and accurate color rendition.
  • No required maintenance or re-coating costs—individual exterior panels  are easily replaced.
  • In work environments, increased daylighting has been shown to increase productivity.
  • In retail environments, increased daylighting has been shown to increase sales by as much as 40%.
  • In classroom environments, increased daylighting has been shown to increase students performance.

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