Monarch Casino | Black Hawk, CO

  • 488 Main St
  • Black Hawk,
  • CO
  • 80422

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Monarch Casino Black Hawk expansion.

Once completed, the Monarch Casino Black Hawk expansion will nearly double the casino space and will add a 23 story hotel tower with approximately 500 guest rooms and suites, an upscale spa and pool facility, four restaurants (bringing the total to five restaurants), additional bars, a new parking structure and associated support facilities.

Thursday, November 29, 2018 — Monarch Casino Resort Spa is celebrating a major construction milestone: reaching its final height of 23 stories.

Four ridge skylights.

Our part of the project will be to install four ridge skylights manufactured by Oldcastle BuildingEnvelopes. 

Product Used:

Four ridge skylights manufactured by Oldcastle BuildingEnvelopes. 

Pyramid Skylight | Komori America

  • 5520 Meadowbrook Industrial Ct
  • Rolling Meadows,
  • IL
  • 60008

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Re-skin existing glass pyramid skylight.

Komori America Corporation, established in 1983, is headquartered in suburban Chicago and is home to its national sales, service, and parts departments. They design and manufacture sheetfed and webfed offset presses, as well as currency and securities presses,

Product Used:

CPI (1) unit(s)-2.75″ CUSTOM SKIN PYRAMID 23.00′ wide x 23.00′ long odc. 12.86′ on slope odc.

Gutter Repair | Columbia Greystone Embassy Suites

  • 200 Stoneridge Dr
  • Columbia,
  • SC
  • 29210

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Gutter repair is needed.

In October of 2017, all outer acrylic lenses were replaced—96 panels on all 26 skylights—with new polycarbonate lenses including new gaskets and sealants.

The upcoming project will be gutter repairs using DOWSIL™ 123 Silicone Seal-All.

Product Used:

DOWSIL™ 123 Silicone Seal-All

A pre-formed, ultra-low modulus silicone extrusion that is bonded to substrates using DOWSIL™ 791 Silicone Perimeter Sealant or DOWSIL™ 795 Silicone Building Sealant. DOWSIL™ 123 Silicone Seal can be used in both new and remedial construction applications.

Quaker Bridge Mall | Skylight Replacement

  • 3320 US Hwy 1
  • Lawrence,
  • NJ
  • 08648

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Mall Skylight Replacement

Quaker Bridge Mall 24602-134231596Quaker Bridge Mall is in Lawrence Township, New Jersey located just a few minutes south of Princeton University. The mall was originally built in 1975 and underwent a large renovation in 2012 with improvements to the interior of the mall.

Skylight Specialists, Inc. will be the General Contractor on the entire project and work is projected to begin in the summer of 2019.

Center court skylight.

The mall has several large skylights with the biggest of them all spanning over the heart of Center Court at 102 feet x 70 feet. This octagon skylight consists of 4 single sloped translucent polycarbonate sides that rise up to meet 15 barrel vault skylights that cover 30 feet by 60 feet.

Our recommendation

A site visit was conducted in May 2017 by Danny Packard to assess the skylights issues. Our recommendations were made to mall owners for Skylight Specialists, Inc. to provide and install a new skylight design that will replace the barrel vaults with the BMS 3000 system—a tinted glass structural ridge skylight manufactured by Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope . This will feature updated gutters, high performance insulated glass and correct all issues with leaks.

Additionally, we will replace all of the single sloped polycarbonate panels with new CPI Polycarbonate Quadwall panels.

Barrel Vault Retrofit | Littleton Day Surgery

  • 8381 Southpark Ln
  • Littleton,
  • CO
  • 80120

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Acrylic barrel vaults are in bad shape.

We were hired by B & B Builders to replace eleven half round, acrylic, barrel vault skylights located on the Littleton Day Surgery center. The building was completed in 1985 and the skylights were long overdue for replacement. We conducted a survey in 2009 and they were not in good shape then!

(1) unit(s)- 8.33′ wide x 46.00′ long odc.
(2) unit(s)- 8.33′ wide x 16.25′ long odc. (To be replaced with one unit.)
(8) unit(s)- 8.33′ wide x 8.33′ long odc.

We can’t interrupt the scheduled surgeries.

One of the  project’s major concerns was to complete the project without disrupting the normal operation of this eye surgery center. With careful planning and our experienced crew, we were able to start the project after business hours on a Friday and complete it before the center opened for business on Monday.

A major upgrade!

The CPI Daylighting Quadwall® system offers the best ratio of insulation to light transmission and should significantly reduce heating/cooling costs. All while supplying superior daylighting—Anti-glare and diffused light meets and exceeds energy code requirements.

In addition, replacing the tandem units with one unit eliminates  a major source of problems—the nearly inaccessible gutter between two units.  

New Construction | Triple Glazed Polycarbonate

  • 10101 Dillon Rd
  • Louisville,
  • Colorado
  • 80027

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The Project.

General Contractor: Golden Triangle Construction.

Site: Louisville Corporate Campus at Colorado Technology Center.
3-building, 400,000-square-foot industrial/flex campus. 
Bldg A 136,610 SF.Velux triple domes curbs 26635-141002260

Our Part: Supply and install fifty Velux LuxGuard Dynamic Dome skylights with 16″ insulated curbs.

Phase One—the curbs.

Product Used: Fifty Velux CCA3_4896_1618 insulated, prefab curbs with 3/16″ Interior Security Bars. 

Phase Two—the skylights.

Product Used: Fifty Velux LuxGuard Dynamic Dome skylights. CD3_4896_3P1P1C2M Clear/Clear/White Prismatic Polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate Retrofit | Greenwood Athletic Club

  • 5801 S Quebec St
  • Greenwood Village,
  • CO
  • 80111

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Acrylic dome cluster skylight with big problems.

This four dome cluster skylight on the Greenwood Athletic Club in  the southeast Denver Metro area was leaking to the  point that it had been covered by a tarp. A common problem with this type of skylight is the gutters between the domes. If there is a problem in this area, it is difficult to correct without removing the domes and the domes are difficult to remove without breaking them. 

In addition to the above skylight, there was one acrylic dome which was also showing it’s age and required replacement.

Retrofit upgrade to polycarbonate.

How do you eliminate gutter problems? Eliminate the gutters! We replace the cluster skylight with a CPI Daylighting D2F (direct to fabrication) 2.75″ Quadwall Pyramid Skylight. Built on site spanning the existing curbs, the polycarbonate retrofit provides significant upgrades in durability and light quality.

The same can be said for the single acrylic dome retrofit which was replaced with a Velux LuxGuard double dome clear over white prismatic CD2 4848 3P1C2S  skylight. This polycarbonate even carries a fifteen year warranty against breakage by hail up to two inches in diameter—a distinct advantage in Denver Metro’s hail prone environment.

Skylight Inspection | Monterey Bay Seaside

  • 1441 Canyon Del Rey Blvd
  • Monterey,
  • CA
  • 93955

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Skylight Inspection and Certification on Glass Ridge Skylight – Embassy Suites by Hilton.

An onsite skylight survey and inspection was made on 04/04/2018 by Skylight Specialists, Inc.
Represented by Rob Packard.

Skylights on the site:

Skylight Manufacturer: Unknown 
One 32’ x 125’ (nominal) glass, ridge, structural, original skylight.

What We Found:

Glazing: Glass, tempered over laminate, green tint, dual glazed, fall protected
Structure: Adequate spacing and size structural aluminum frame
Anchors: Adequate anchor size and count around perimeter.
Curbs: Adequate height and flashing in good shape.
Evaluation: Skylight has new sealants applied in recent years, however about 15% of the insulated units have failed.
Flashing: Ridge flashing and possibly end wall flashing not secured properly.
Rating: (1-10 scale) 5
Expected Life Span: 25-50 years
Recommendation: Glazing will need replacement to achieve expected life span. Otherwise the glass ridge skylight is in good shape and can be expected to provide many years of maintenance free daylighting.

Evaluation of All Skylights

Our Observations:

Our onsite examination of this skylight provided information that was verbally reported to the Chief Engineer on the day of our visit. It was reported that a wet seal and cap replacements on the glass ridge had been performed in 2016. We observed that the front two bays on the west side and the front three bays on the east side had not received the reported repairs. The other sections were completed and looked in good shape.

It was also observed that about 15% of the glass units had lost their seal and were failed with visible signs of moisture and mineral deposits in between the glass unit. Any reported leaks in the future may be coming from these failed units and successful leak repairs cannot be performed without the replacement of the unsightly glass.

Five Year Plan

Priority #1 – Immediate (must be done; leaks, life safety etc.)Embassy Suites Monterey Bay Seaside California Seaside California Califo
a. None
Priority #2 – Short Term (should be done within the next year or two)
a. Replace glass
b. Inspect every 5 years for structural integrity.
Priority #3 – Long term (within 5 years or more)
a. Perform wet seal maintenance on glass ridge skylight every 15 years, next would be due in 2031


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