Michigan Skylights

Commercial skylight repair performed by Skylight Specialists, Inc.

Understanding the complexities of every single skylight project is paramount for successful repairs. Many local companies do not have the experience or knowledge to repair all aspects of a skylight. We see all too often that repairs are performed on the surface of the skylight in hopes of stopping leaks, but many times the repair could have been repaired properly and permanently if repairs were made on the internal  parts of the skylight.

Additionally, we see many original installations were installed incorrectly,  probably because companies were just doing as instructed and did not understand the problems they were creating. Many times the original design of how a skylight is used on a building is faulty. It could be the wrong style of skylight is used or the wrong detail on how the skylight is attached to the building is the problem.

Either way these are the problems we see and solve everyday. Over thirty years of installing and repairing faulty skylights has given us the unique ability to save building owners tons of money and hassles with their problem skylights.

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