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Cluster Skylight Repair

As promised we are reporting on a project that was finished just recently in Salinas, CA. The shopping center that we worked on had bad leaks, some which leaked from day one of the original installation.

We diagnosed the problem originally as bad gasketing on the skylights but we recommended a site visit to be sure. When we saw the cluster skylights we determined the leak was from the gutters separating the skylights, but not from the skylights themselves.

We provided a bid to remove the metal flashing, which did not have proper overlap, and to install foam wedges that gave the gutters a 1⁄4″ per foot minimum slope. This required raising the curbs. We also included new gutter flashing with single ply membrane roofing instead of the metal flashing. We gave the owner an option to pay us a fee and we would train any local contractor to do the work themselves. The owner decided to go with our bid as we had the necessary experience to do the job right.

Everything went smoothly during the repair and the customer is very happy. Feel free to contact us for references or to help you with your problem skylight.

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