Unitized Wall-Lights

Removeable Skin Technology - The Power of Two Independent Glazing Panels in One Unitized High Performing Assembly

The Eagle Academy PCS - Washington, DC — Shinberg.Levinas Architectural Design, MD
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    Unitized Quad Glazed Wall Lights
  • Parameters

    2' x up to 45' in single length
    Panel Weight: 1.5-2.2 lbs/ft²

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Translucent Walls

eagle academy night quadwall
The Eagle Academy PCS – Washington, DC

Extreme versatility

The extreme versatility and unitized assembly of the UniQuad® system makes it the perfect system for walls and building facades. This system is also effective for clerestories and smaller scale punched openings.

Modular Aesthetics

UniQuad’s sleek, linear aesthetic and modular construction enable the system to be easily integrated with other building envelope components.

Creative Options

With a wide range of colors, and the potential for incorporating graphics and lighting, UniQuad offers designers the opportunity to rethink daylighting in a creative and inspiring way.

Unitized Insulated Translucent Building Envelope Solutions

UniQuad Wall

The hallmark of the UniQuad® system is the innovative two piece panel connection, which enables the system to be unitized.The panels themselves are factory glazed and assembled for superior quality control.

The unitized construction of the system results in quick, cost-effective installation.

UniQuad Panel Clip

UniQuad Frame and Sill

Frame System

The two piece frame system consists of a sill and sub-sill. It is designed so that the necessary fasteners don’t penetrate the sill frame. A thermally broken frame is also available.

UniQuad UniClip


The concealed UniClip™ is designed as a structural clip, capable of withstanding heavy loads. The specialized design enables the panels to be installed quickly and remain in place without needing frame caps.

UniQuad Panel Clip

Panel Clip

The panel clip fastens directly to the internal UniQuad® structure, which prevents the glazing from breaking under extreme clip loads, as is common with other systems. The metal-to-metal connection enables the glazing to freely expand and contract. It also increases the system’s ability to withstand high loads and span floor-to-slab.

Standard Features

  • Long-span capability out-performs single panel spanning.
  • Unitized concept – Economical benefits for both small and large projects.
  • Simplified field installation process for high performance building envelopes.
  • Tested for water per ASTM E331/AAMA 501 and air infiltration per NFRC 400.
  • Tested for wind load, cycling and missile impact level D per ASTM E-1886 & 1996.
  • Bi-Color Option – Offering a unique aesthetic and customized solar performance.
  • Quad Glazed – U value of 0.22 with Light Transmission of up to 52%.
  • NFRC tested and certified for U value and SHGC.
  • Anti-glare and diffused light meets and exceeds energy code requirements.
  • Best ratio of insulation to light transmission for cost effective performance.
quadwall colors
Quadwall Panel Colors
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