Intelligent Design

Designed in cooperation with Foster + Partners

  • VELUX Modular Skylights was developed in close cooperation with the renowned architects from Foster + Partners.

Designed for architecture – engineered for performance


Ridgelight 5o in the ATP building, Vordingborg, Denmark– closed modules
Ridgelight 5o in the ATP building, Vordingborg, D Ridgelight 5o in the ATP building, Vordingborg, Denmark– open modules

Most contemporary skylights reveal the difficulty of creating a true minimalistic design with few obtrusive components.
Actuators for ventilation and sunscreening often stick out and spoil the view.

VELUX Modular Skylights have overcome this challenge by creating a totally integrated modular design, inserting actuators into the sash as well as creating a simpler sunscreening application. The result is a classic yet modern skylight solution complimenting the overall architectural design.

One module design for all solutions






Ridgelight with Beam


size grid vms

Fully integrated ventilation and sunscreening

1. Slim profiles and a flush exterior surface ensures an elegant look. 2. Chain actuators for venting modules are fully concealed. 3. Internal blinds add to the minimalism with a “floating” design. 4. Ultra small motor hidden inside the blinds.
Ventilation and sunscreening components are subtly integrated within the skylight design. Actuators for venting modules and roller blinds are concealed in the slim profiles, meaning there is no visual difference to distinguish between fixed and venting modules.


  • What you draw is precisely what you get.
  • Minimalistic and elegant design.


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