• AVOID imminent structural failure resulting from existing leaking skylights.
  • RESTORE the benefits of healthy daylighting.
  • REMOVE potential risks of mold and bad odors.
  • TRANSFORM a dark and gloomy area into a bright and appealing environment.
  • OPTIMIZE daylighting and solar heat levels.
  • ENJOY the beneficial blue spectrum of natural daylight in your space.
  • GAIN energy savings with green technology.
  • NO required maintenance or re-coating costs.
  • INCREASE the facility’s property value
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Controlling and Adding More Daylight

Imagine a shopping center or mall that has continuous glass skylights over all the common areas. Now imagine a church purchases the mall and wants to expand the amount of glass skylights to create an expansive sanctuary.

This is exactly what was asked of us. We created a solution that met all the requirements, including some special challenges:

  • The new skylight had to look similar in appearance to the obsolete existing skylights.
  • To parallel an existing ridge light, the new skylight tied into an existing ridge light at a perpendicular angle.
  • Balancing the daylighting factors with the appropriate choice of glazing.
  • Replacing and wet sealing over 1800 panes of glass.

Product Used:

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