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Studies have shown that improvements in workplace daylighting improve workforce performance.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Daylight through windows and skylights is more diffused than artificial ceiling lights, providing a more even illuminance of objects and people.
  • Natural daylight contains all the color wavelengths visible to the human eye. It is the ideal lighting source for color rendition.
  • Access to high levels of natural light will reinforce natural circadian rhythms, making one feel more awake during the day and to sleep better at night.
  • Artificial lights, particularly those containing fluorescent tubes, can have a noticeable flicker that is distracting. This can also result in headaches and eye strain.

The project:

We have done dozens of residential jobs for Infinity Roofing, so when they contacted us about improving daylighting at Stang Auto Tech, Inc., we proposed adding twelve Velux 3×4 fixed curb mount skylights evenly spaced across the rooftop.

This will make a significant change in the daylighting of the auto repair shop. Light from above reduces glare and can reduce the use of electrical lighting



To be continued.

Product Used:

(12) VELUX FCM 3648 skylights with laminated LowE3 glass.
CURB CONSTRUCTION: Site built with fire rated lumber.

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