Fire Rated Panel


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    Specialized Polycarbonate Quad Glazed Panels
  • Available For

    Insulated Skylights

QUADWALL® Fire Rated Panel

Overcome Code Restrictions for Use of Light Transmitting Plastics with A Patented Fire Rated Translucent System

Class A, B or C Roof Assembly per the International Building Code (IBC) – ASTM E-108, UL 790, FM 4470

The Quadwall Fire Rated “Class A” Roof Assembly is similar on the surface to a standard Quadwall panel system. However, inside this specially configured Quadwall system are structural modifications which allow it to satisfy the performance requirements of all of the following code and test standards:

  1. ASTM E108
  2. UL 790
  3. FM 4470
  4. NFPA 256
  5. IBC building code
  6. ULC-S107 : UL of Canada
  • The Quadwall® Fire Rated Roof Assembly has been listed and labeled by Approved Independent Agencies for Class A, B or C Roof Assemblies & Roof Coverings, as required by the IBC Building Code.
  • All standard Quadwall systems are rated as Class C Roof Coverings — Specially engineered Quadwall systems are rated as Class A or B Roof Coverings.
  • CPI Fire Rated Panel Systems provide ALL of the design flexibility and benefits of CPI Daylighting’s Quadwall Translucent Panel Systems.
  • Quadwall® Fire Rated panels come in a wide range of colors, and matte finish glazing is available.
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    Quadwall Panel Colors

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