U-LITE Low Slope
Transparent Canopies

BriteWay™ — A Solution for Challenging Low Slope Canopy Designs

Seasons of Cherry Creek - Denver, CO — Skylight Specialists, Inc
  • Product Type
    Standing Seam Monolithic Polycarbonate Panel
  • Standard Size:

    Glazing Panel = 23 5/8" wide x up to 39'4" long

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Standing Seam Monolithic Polycarbonate Panel Systems bring daylighting into covered and adjoining spaces

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U-Lite Low Slope Canopies

Two piece unitized batten is engineered to improve installation while maintaining high-quality performance:

  • Modular Standing Seam Panel System.
  • Long-Span aluminum system.
  • Exposed edge or enclosed edge design.
  • Optional simple on-site fabrication to expedite scheduling or meet challenging site conditions.
  • Standard or Flare design options.
  • U.V. stable polycarbonate glazing.
  • High impact resistance.
  • Attractive economical solution to point-supported glass canopies.
U-Lite canopy
La Mer Condos – Naples,FL — Skylight Specialists, Inc

CPI Daylighting’s transparent canopy designs let the light in.

CPI Daylighting transparent canopies and walkway systems are a bright solution to the problems inherent in metal canopies – a dark and unpleasant industrial appearance, “closed-in” feeling and constant maintenance requirements.
When a metal canopy is next to a building, it darkens adjacent windows. CPI Daylighting’s transparent canopy designs let the light in. The canopies and walkway systems are attractive and affordable alternatives to the high cost and safety concerns associated with glass, acrylic and fiberglass canopy and walkway cover systems.

Seasons at Cherry Creek | Cherry Creek CO


U-Lite Translucent Canopy

THE CHALLENGE: The architect’s concept for the new construction of a luxury high rise condominium complex included a covered outdoor dining and grilling area. The challenge the architect faced was the low pitch desired for the basic design of the canopy.

THE SOLUTION: CPI Daylighting’s 4mm solid polycarbonate standing seam canopy system. A solid canopy that allows soft natural translucent daylight with no required maintenance or re-coating costs—individual exterior panels are easily replaced.

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