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Colorado University’s Center for Community - Boulder, CO — Davis Partnership Architects - Skylight Specialists, Inc
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    Pentaglas® translucent polycarbonate glazing
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Leverage CPI Daylighting’s 100+ Years of Cumulative Design Experience!

CPI Daylighting offers in-house multi-discipline capabilities for design, manufacturing, and installation of single source custom canopy and walkway systems from the ground up.

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Clearspan canopy
CU PARKING – Boulder, CO — Skylight Specialists, Inc.

Custom Canopy and Walkway Single Source Capability

  • Rust-free aluminum structures.
  • Steel reinforcement when needed.
  • Curved shapes and more.
  • Translucent panels with Nano-Cell® technology.

University of Colorado Parking Ramp | Boulder CO


U-Lite Translucent Canopy

THE CHALLENGE: How to get cars safely in and out of an underground parking garage when the ramp had to be built from the street to the underground structure. Located in Boulder, CO, snow and ice could and would accumulate and cause problems on the incline.

THE SOLUTION: A CPI Daylighting custom canopy protected the ramp from the inclement weather. It also allowed glare free light to illuminate the ramp—easing the transition for drivers entering the darkness of the underground garage.

Craig Hospital Canopy | Englewood CO


Craig Hospital Custom Canopy
CRAIG HOSPITAL – Englewood, CO — Skylight Specialists, Inc.

THE CHALLENGE: Provide an inviting architectural entry canopy that offers shelter but allows daylighting into the area. Avoid support columns that obstruct pedestrian traffic.

THE SOLUTION: CPI Daylighting’s polycarbonate standing seam custom canopy system. This “V” design allows water to drain into a central gutter and provides rain water to the greenery on each side. The canopy itself brings more daylight into and through the front entry doors. With only two support poles, the walkway is unobstructed.

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