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Attractive Translucent Canopy with No Horizontal Crossbeam

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CPI Daylighting’s pre-engineered computerized design technology provides the most cost-effective system for your project.

The Clearspan concept:

  • The Clearspan concept eliminates structural horizontal bracing or crossbeam supports that are required for some structural designs.
  • Undesirable crossbeam bracing introduces limitations such as interference with traffic under the canopy, creating a roosting area for birds and more.
  • The Clearspan concept, with no horizontal crossbeams, provides an open and modern canopy design with unequaled architectural appeal.
  • Eliminate problems inherent in metal walkway covers – dark and unpleasant industrial appearance, “closed-In” feeling and maintenance requirements.
Clearspan Canopy Parker Nursing Home
Crown Crest of Parker – Parker, CO — Skylight Specialists, Inc.


Clearspan offers a pre-engineered self-supporting aluminum structure from the ground up.

  • A Clearspan Translucent Canopy can be from 6’ to 24’ wide and any length desired.
  • Typical coulmn spacing is 12′ oc. Other spacings are available.
  • Typical rafter overhang (cantilever) is 1′ to 3′. Other overhang dimensions are available.
  • The main side beams can extend over the end column from 7″ up to 48″.
  • An optional gutter system is available.
Clearspan Canopy Diagram
Clearspan Line Drawing
  • The Clearspan aluminum structure is rust free and maintenance free, with no exposed bolts
  • Clearspan design allows for tolerance adjustments along length, width or height
  • Pentaglas® translucent polycarbonate glazing is available in a range of colors:
  • quadwall colors


    Panel Colors

Pentaglas 12 Tech SpecsPentaglas 16 Tech SpecsPentaglas 16 Tech Specs

Clearspan Translucent Canopy



The architects wanted a completely different look to the entry at this new assisted living center. They designed two separate canopies for the entry.


CPI Daylighting’s Clearspan translucent canopy cover allows light into the interior through the front doors and keeps the tenants and guests sheltered from rain and snow.

CPI Daylighting Case Studies

Lowes Corp Offices WalkwayAmarillo Airport WalkwayAmarillo Airport WalkwayMarket Square

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